List of goals - a life changer!

List of goals - a life changer!

You might have been in this moment of life, when you have a head full of dreams, but you have any real goals defined. This is definitely not a comfortable situation because it usually feels like you’re missing the target. Today I’ll quickly show you how to organise your life goals to make sure you’ll ever complete them.

Short-term goals

Short term goals are the most important ones, these are let’s say goals for the period of about one year. You define and control your goals, watch your progress and perform some actions to run your life the right way.

The list of goals

First and the hardest part of whole thing is defining a proper goals list. You have to be realistic there and make sure to write down only things you really want to achieve, otherwise after some time you’ll land in a place where you’d never wanted to be. I personally started from organising my life goals into some groups, for example I have a group related to my business goals, IT goals, private life goals, etc. I have about 15 items in each group and some of the goals are easier and faster to complete, some of them are harder and will last there for a longer time. For example your list of business goals can look like:

- start an own company
- get the first 2 clients
- have revenue of 5k EUR/M

These are real targets that you can mark as done as long they really are. It’s not starting a company, having 20 employees and 5 cars but just clean targets. It might be a bit obvious, but don’t worry it’s your private list and doing small steps is better than dreaming about great things.

Define the time

After you have the goals list clearly defined, it’s a time to define some estimated time, when you want to reach them. It’s worth to spend some time to properly and realistically define the time estimates because then it might be easier for you to control whether you are running on the right direction when the time will be passing. So you can just take your list and add the dates when they should be completed.

Control your progress and refine goals

Very important part of the whole process is consistently controlling your progress on the tasks, you have to know, if you are moving right direction or not and if not, why. Sometimes life is changing and your goals are changing too, so don’t hesitate to modify the goals if you know, that you don’t longer want to reach them. Every time you completing some of the tasks, you just mark them down as done and add some new things into the bucket. Some goals will be evolving as you’ll be succeeding, for example you can have revenue of 5k EUR, so it might be the time to define 15k EUR goal!

Long-term goals

Long term goals are less important than short ones, but it’s worth to have some list of them to control, if you are defining right short-term targets to eventually meet the long-term criteria. These are more like a dreams and don’t hesitate to write something more abstract for you at the moment. After years you’ll be able to see how your thinking was evolving through the time and how close are you to reach the long-term goals.


Company goals

If you are a company owner or a decision maker, it’s often worth to have mind-storm with your decisive team and define short and long-term targets that you want to reach out. Then you know better, if your business vision is common and unify all possible differences together into one tasty cake!

Couple goals

It’s worth to have a list of “couple goals” too. It might sound a bit crazy, but even making this kind of list is kind of complicated process and helps to know each other better. You are eventually end in talking about your feature, dreams and the life targets, so all of those things are very important.