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We use world class technologies to ensure your apps will run smoothly and responsive. In Markana we not only follow technology trends, but also push it forward by using technologies of tomorrow that will be popular in future. Our current tech-stack is listed below.

we run sprints to release your perfect product

As a team we focus on delivering high quality products to our clients. Below we have listed steps that we follow during software development, each of the steps is constantly improved, so we can keep the code on the highest standards.

#1 - analysis and estimations

During this step we analyze your product requirements and focus on creating measurable stages of product development. Together we will define which functionalities are critical in the application from the launch and which can be made during further development. The decisions about technology will be taken as well. We will create an initial estimate for each functionality and let you know how much time and effort the product will take to complete the MVP version.

#2 - team setup and project start

We will set a team of specialists with wide knowledge of technologies that we are going to use and discuss all the development stages together. Our goal is to transform your business requirements into atomic user-stories understandable for the development team. These build blocks will help us measure the progress on the product so you will always know what the current status is.

#3 - active product development

During the development we will work using an agile approach. Agile development will let us define sprints during which we will focus on achieving the sprint goal. During each sprint we keep things organized. To set up the sprint we perform planning sessions with the development team, then we have daily meetings to measure progress on the tickets from each team member. All the code is reviewed and tested in many aspects before it passes the done status. If you wish, we can finalize each sprint with a retrospective where we will talk about all the good and bad points and try to perform even better during the next sprint!

#4 - continuous product improvements and support

When the MVP version is released we will focus support and maintenance, so all potential issues are quickly fixed by our developers team. After the product reaches stability on the market we will keep updating it with new features that you want us to introduce.

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